Monday, May 25, 2020

What is copy trade? Learn about Copy Trade in Forex

How do you invest without experience, knowledge and time but still earn a steady profit on the financial market safely and sustainably?

This article will help you find yourself a simple and effective method to be able to make money in the financial market, which is copy trader or also known as Copy trading. This article will also show you how to choose the perfect investor for your style and start trading.
Do not skip this article, because maybe it will help you CHANGE YOUR FINANCIAL COMPETITION.
Entering the 4.0 period, with the outstanding development of technology and great minds, you can easily find an experienced investor without having to learn their skills. If you do not believe you can read on to why I am saying this.

Why is the financial market so attractive?

The marketplace is the battlefield, and the financial market is even more extreme, this is a bloody battlefield. Up to 90% of investors fail and even lose money in this market.
But what attracts investors despite their losses despite knowing this is a fierce market and even more newcomers continue to participate in this market? That's because 10% of the survivors are all rich and extremely high income.
Financial transactions create many opportunities to bring large amounts of money and quickly. Money expresses financial freedom, which is the dream of many people who don't know how to get there. They are willing to trade between losing money to be among the 10% of successful investors.
With a dream of a comfortable life of money, time, not constrained by anything, no pressure from work, no financial headache, ...

The difficulty of those 3 not: No knowledge, No experience, No time

Many people have raised questions about how to join investors when they do not have the time, knowledge or experience? Is it like throwing money through a window?
This is entirely true, but that's what the past, when investors without knowledge and experience will become lambs among old wolves.
To become a "Wolf" and make a profit in the market, you have to trade a lot of money, time and effort.

But there are many who lose a lot but still cannot succeed, because successful investors in addition to the above factors must also be gifted, which means they must have an advantage over the houses. other investments.
And these gifts of nature come from their personalities, successful investors are very wise, they live very principles, can be said to be rigid. An indispensable element is discipline, they are very disciplined, they control the forest of good transactions, let go, something that not everyone can do.
All of the above create a general picture of the investment world, 90% of investors are at a loss, 90% of the market money belongs to 10% of successful investors.
But with the 4.0 technology era, a person who does not need knowledge, experience and time can still make a profit in this market with Copy Trade.

What is Copy Trading / Copy trade?

What is copy trade? Copy Trade literally means COPY OF TRANSACTION. Transactions on the master account will be copied the same or similar to the Copy account. Of course, the original account has a loss or loss, the copy account will lose or similar profit.
Any trading actions performed by Pro Trader such as opening orders, stop losses, and closing orders will be executed in the duplicator's account in the ratio between the two accounts.
Specific example:
Account A has a total of USD 100,000 and trades into 150,000. Account B, copied under account A and having the same capital of USD 100,000, will also have a profit of USD 150,000
Account C also copies but only 10,000 capital will also be profitable is $ 15,000.
The person who copies the trade will still be able to disconnect from Pro Trade and manage the order itself. Similarly, the copy may still not need to be disconnected, but it is still possible to decide whether to cut the order, SL, TP, etc.

What are the advantages of Copy Trade?

A successful and profitable Trader has to do a lot of things like tracking, managing transactions, managing emotions, managing psychology, managing capital and risk management, ... these are all things Not learning is understandable
But when you copy trade you won't have to do anything, you just need to choose a good trader, fit your style and invest and follow them. Then you can play games, read books, work, clean the house, take care of the children, and so on, and your profits will increase just like an experienced investor.
To become a successful trader, you must constantly exchange knowledge about trading, learn experience from failure, from the previous ones, create trading methods suitable to the profound style. bring maximum efficiency, learn how to manage capital, control psychology, manage risk, ...
Copy trade does not need those things, your job is only to find an investor with stable profits and good risk management.
A full-time trader has to spend a lot of time, effort, and effort to test new methods, and it takes time to see the effect.
Copy trade, you can easily invest in many different Pro traders to compare yields and test time is also very short. Help bring you a good portfolio and bring stable, safe income despite the fact that you spend very little time and you do not necessarily have the knowledge or experience of Trading.

Profit potential of Copy Trade

In the current period, the bank interest rate is only about 7% / year. And with a rapid growth in annual consumer prices, the real interest rate is only 3% / year.
And bank deposits are not as secure as you think! For example, if Vietnam has a hyperinflation such as Venezuela or Zimbabue, your money will not fly, no matter how big it is.
Compared to your 7% / year bank deposit, the profit when you copy trade can be up to 15% / year or maybe even more. And it's very easy and safe if you know how to choose and allocate funds to traders.

Why is copy trade free?

You can easily get profit when copying transactions without spending time researching markets or methods, strategies, capital management, psychological management, ... and many other things.
As for Pro traders, what do they get? In addition to making a profit from the trades they make, they will also receive 20% of the profits from you and their followers. When the number of people copy more, the pro trader will also receive more income!
In addition to the copy trade method, currently in the forex trading market there is another method suitable for new investors to enter the market and not have much experience, not enough confidence to trade on their own. consignee . Join us to learn more about this trading method through the next article!

Only you can change your financial destiny!

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